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About the formation of the planet 
1 - the importance of knowing the processes 
...size of the planet is only due to the oceans 
. Change of priorities in the search for fossils
... of age, selectivity of formation of deposits

2 - matter from its bowels 
... of the external environment during an eruption
. Faults as shapers of the planet's appearance
. The most ancient parts of the planet

3 - thanks to the expansion 
. In confirmation of the expanding Earth
. Each part of the ... was formed in its own time
. Platforms as stages in the development of the planet
. The Precambrian platforms also underwent changes

4 - phasing in the location of continents 
. Forming periods of continents with their platforms
. Evolutionary development with the formation of oceans
... planet with ... divergence of the continents
. The constancy of the ratio of water on the planet

5 - in the final stages 
. The earth's crust is torn apart in certain places
. Processes during the Cenozoic folding
. The separation of the continents began...

 Planet Earth through the eyes of an amateur
. What about those who are interested in the truth
. What do we know about the bowels of the Earth?
. The dissimilarity of processes in the earth's crust
. The earth develops according to the laws of dialectics
. In search of the original stronghold
. The answers ... in the development of the geosyncline?