According to the laws of isostasy, an evolving planetary body should acquire a spherical shape, without any significant deformation of its solidified shell. According to the laws of isostasy, the selenosphere should be attracted around with the same force by its own center of gravity. Without hesitation, with a light hand, one could say that the pear-shaped of the Moon, that is, its elongation towards the Earth, is due to the tidal forces of the Earth. The substance of the Moon, which is closer to the Earth, is attracted by the earth's forces of attraction with a greater force, and more distant - with a lesser force. Along the way, the reason for the violation of the laws of isostasy would arise. But in reality - all this is only an apparent and false idea.

If each particle of the lunar were attracted with the same force, regardless of its location, on the surface or inside the planetary body, plus the gravitational field itself, which would hold them all together, then no external forces would violate the correct shape of the moon ball, according to the law of isostasy. But in reality, the Moon has an elongated shape, and moreover, in the direction of the Earth. Isn't this suspicious? Therefore, not all lunar matter is equally and not with the same force attracted to the Earth.