The World Ocean lived a different life during the Archean, Proterozoic and Paleozoic eras. Firstly, he was the ruler of the entire globe, and secondly, his life was very stormy and seething. And here it should be more specific to talk about the locality of the emerging new formations on the globe. 

A very striking example of evidence of a fault in the Precambrian platform and the emergence of a new, later platform at the fracture site is the South American Precambrian platform. As if a driven wedge of the Caledonian platform split the old one into two parts, which can be easily closed by throwing out the last one. 

Each geological period of the planet's development left its imprint, but not everywhere on the earth's surface, but in places, in separate places. And even if we could even imagine that at one time modern continents were completely covered with water, and then the sediments that arose then could not spread everywhere, but only localized, that is, in those places where they broke through to the surface. 

Granite strata, in whatever form they are found now in the earth's crust, are the remnants of the pristine crust. If we are not skeptical about what has been said, but are taken seriously, then we could learn a lot about the evolutionary development of the earth's crust as a whole. 

To be able to determine what and where of value is on the planet, it is important to know how it turned out there. Let's consider some possible stages in the formation of the face of the Earth. Take at least such a primitive example for comparison, the same chicken egg. At low temperatures, it freezes and breaks the shell despite its relative thickness, which is greater than the thickness of the earth's crust. Of course, this example should not be taken seriously, since the freezing process does not occur inside the planet, leading to the expansion of the contents. The rupture of the egg shell when the liquid freezes only clearly shows how the integrity of the shell is broken when the contents inside the substance expand.