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Mountain-forming processes during the birth of the earth's crust
. The original rock material remained unchanged
. The Earth's crust does not go deep into the bowels of the planet and does not undergo metamorphism there

The Earth's crust is the result of the gradual melting of the inner matter of the planet
. The internal heat of the Earth is not of radioactive origin
. The gas component is an indicator of the vital activity of the planet

Some secrets of the planet Earth
. What is in the depths of our planet
. The earth's crust is a product of smelting from the material of the mantle

About the formation of the planet -1 - the importance of knowing the processes 
...size of the planet is only due to the oceans 
. Change of priorities in the search for fossils
... of age, selectivity of formation of deposits

About the formation of the planet -2 - matter from its bowels 
... of the external environment during an eruption
. Faults as shapers of the planet's appearance
. The most ancient parts of the planet

About the formation of the planet -3 - thanks to the expansion 
. In confirmation of the expanding Earth
. Each part of the ... was formed in its own time
. Platforms as stages in the development of the planet
. The Precambrian platforms also underwent changes

About the formation of the planet -4 - phasing in the location of continents 
. Forming periods of continents with their platforms
. Evolutionary development with the formation of oceans
... planet with ... divergence of the continents
. The constancy of the ratio of water on the planet

About the formation of the planet -5 - in the final stages 
. The earth's crust is torn apart in certain places
. Processes during the Cenozoic folding
. The separation of the continents began...

 Planet Earth through the eyes of an amateur
. What about those who are interested in the truth
. What do we know about the bowels of the Earth?
. The dissimilarity of processes in the earth's crust
. The earth develops according to the laws of dialectics
. In search of the original stronghold
. The answers ... in the development of the geosyncline?